We are VIRIS !


We believe that a great thing comes from a big vision. That's why there is a vision behind our products.


We don't want to make an ordinary product. We want make it extraordinary. So when people see it, they can be inspired by the product.


We want to give a change, that's why we'll make something new. Something revolutionary.


We want that all of our products give an impact to others, especially for their lifestyle.


We want to make a simple product, so we can facilitate everyone to optimize its function. Because no matter how great a product is, it won't be well function if it is too complicated.

Our Message

We want to create something which is useful for all of our beloved, it is because we believe that a valuable thing that is useful for the citizen is created from the pure feeling of creating a useful thing for their beloved. That is why we think that we absolutely can find human elements at the heart of IT. We just want to be a part of it.

Our Vision

We are not create something cool, or great, awesome interface, awesome project, mega project. We just try to invent something for our beloved. That is why we enjoy in doing our works until it looks like being our hobby, but it is a kind of a responsible hobby. We do all of projects efficient with a great result in a smart way. After all, it's all because we do it for our beloved ones.

Company Information

  Company Name   :    CV VIRIS
  Establishment   :    December 2012
  Director   :    Lukas Dwi K
  Office   :    Barata Jaya XV / 37 Surabaya 60284, Jawa Timur - Indonesia
  Phone   :    6231-70375030
  Mail   :
  Business Contents   :    Web Design, Web Creator, IT Consultant, Advertising

The Team

Agent A
Design Trouble Maker

When we tried to create something new, being criticized, meet failure is something normal. But, it is where the process start. This dream often make me afraid. But, there is no reason that I have to stop dreaming. Because I believe that the one who can achieve their dream are the one that dare to dream and take a step forward. I am a daydreamer and i don't want to wake up from my dream.

Agent L
Director of Inhuman Resources

SCIENCE inner join with DESIRE on Inhuman Information Technology Resources, added by DREAM to provide value-added service that enlighten Human on the earth.

Our Clients & partners

  • People Who Think Different
  • People that think that IT is an obstacle
  • People who want to share an interesting Idea
  • People who do not know what to do
  • YOU